Employment Services & Solutions Australia | 2015- Public Holidays
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2015- Public Holidays

Public holidays vary from State to State.  

If you are located in a regional area, you may find that the some public holidays are substituted to different dates.

Important Note: The Victorian govenment has announced that Easter Sunday 5 April 2015 has been declared as a public holiday.  At this stage it is only for the 2015 calender year, however, it is expected that future years will be declared as public holidays in due course.  Also, in Victoria, the government has indicated that they will declare Friday 2 October, which is the day before the AFL Grand Final as a public holiday.  This has not been finalised as yet, but all indications are that this will occur for the 2015 Grand Final.  The pay rates payable for public holidays under the Award or Enerprise Bargaining Agreement that covers the business will be payable on these days.

Click here for 2015 public holidays.