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About Us

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Employment Services & Solutions Australia (ESSA) is a full service industrial relations and human resource management consultancy firm and have been providing technical and strategic advice in these areas since its establishment in October 2000.


ESSA and its staff are experienced in dealing with government regulators, but because they in many cases have a background in business, either by way of employment history or ownership of businesses, they also understand that workplace procedures must be implemented practicably. Finding the important balance between compliance with obligations and achieving that compliance in a manner that can be implemented and sustained only comes about by having significant experience in business operations.


Graham Lilleyman is the Director of Employment Services & Solutions Australia. Graham is an experienced industrial relations consultant representing employers in all areas of workplace relations. He has worked in both the private and public sector and has owned and operated his own businesses employing a varying number of staff for over 20 years. Having owned his own businesses, Graham understands the issues that may arise with employing staff and he specialises in providing advice to employers in this area.

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