Employment Services & Solutions Australia | Enterprise Agreements
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Enterprise Agreements

ESSA has dealt with over 500 enterprise agreements over the past 20 years across a number of different organisations.


We understand the process of implementing an enterprise agreement and can help you every step of the way.


Enterprise agreements can be used to establish the most flexible and suitable arrangements for your business and can result in improved communication between you and your workforce.


Types of employment agreements and contracts ESSA negotiates & develops:


  • Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA): Allow an employer and employee to vary particular entitlements to meet the genuine needs of the employer and employee
  • Single Enterprise Agreements: Involve a single employer or one or more employers (such as in a joint venture) co-operating in what is essentially a single enterprise
  • Multi Enterprise Agreements: Involve two or more employers that are not all single interest employers
  • Greenfields Agreements: Involve a genuinely new enterprise
  • Common Law Employment Contracts: Individual agreement not formalized under Fair Work Australia


If you would like to implement an agreement in the workplace contact one of our experienced consultants on (08) 9240 4230 or fill out our contact form and one of our consultants will call you back.

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